TMBA's members can join below 10 committees by their interest:

  • 1 Machining Center Issue committee.
  • 2 Turning Center Issue committee.
  • 3 Forming Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 4 Non-traditional Machine Tools(EDM, Laser,…,etc) Issue committee.
  • 5 Multi-Tasking(/Integrated) Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 6 Grinding Machine Tool Issue committee.
  • 7 Functional components Issue committee.
  • 8 Raw Material and Processing Issue committee.
  • 9 Transmission component Issue committee.
  • 10 Accessories & Hardware Issue committee.

Words from the Chairman

Facing the competition of global market, Taiwan machine tool industry is confronted with the impact and challenge of external environment, and the future will be a "teamwork" era. Manufacturers of machine tools and accessory will be having more multi-dimensional collaboration; Moreover, the industry, academia and research bodies must cooperate more closely for integration to upgrade the resource and quality of new product research and development, which leads Taiwan machine tool industry continue to shine in the world.

Meanwhile, the Government has assigned Taichung as the capital of intelligent machinery, and set the intelligent machinery as one of the top five star industries which is going to be promoted. For the duration of my appointment as Chairman, I will be committed to lead association members to cooperate with the government, academia and research bodies, to develop specific solutions for accelerating the application of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, the Association will actively cooperate with the Taichung City Government, to plan specific directions of the development of the intelligent machinery industry, in which the domestic precision machinery manufacturers would have a way to follow, and the construction of large-scale international exhibition halls in Taichung could speed up, in preparation for Taiwan precision machinery industry to take off again.

As the fourth term of chairman of Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessories Builders’ Association, it is the beginning of my responsibility, I will do my best to lead the team of board of directors to provide services for all member companies and create a new chapter of Taiwan machine tool industry.


  • to Facilitate the Development of Taiwan Machine Tool Industry
  • Governmental Assignments
  • to Assist in Developing Overseas Market
  • Industry Statistics and Market Research
  • Members Communications
  • to Organize the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)
Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders'Association
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