The development of Taiwan's machine tool industry began in the 1950s during the recovery period after World War II. Most of the major machine tool manufacturers are located in Taichung, and the collaborative system is spread throughout the four central cities. The complete industrial chain has gradually taken shape in Central Taiwan with the development of the industry, becoming the world's unique tool machine industry cluster. In the 21st century, Taiwan's machine tool manufacturing has moved into the stage of high speed and high-end machine tools, and has become the top 5 exporters and top 7 producers in the world.

In 2007, the then chairman of the Taiwan Precision Machinery Development Association, Mr. Edward Yang, called for the establishment of the association dedicated to the machine tool industry in order to unite the strength of the industry and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. With the great efforts of the members of the organizing committee, Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) was established in Taichung in October 2007, combining the strengths of hundreds of manufacturers across the country.

The establishment of TMBA symbolizes the unity of the machine tool and accessory industry in Taiwan. The association plays the role of a communicator between the government and the private sector, and hopes to fully integrate and utilize various resources, leading the industry to be based in Taiwan and connected to the world, moving into the next era together!


TMBA establishes 7 committees :

  • 1 Think Tank committee.
  • 2 Technical committee.
  • 3 Industry-Academia committee.
  • 4 Industry Promotion committee.
  • 5 Environment committee.
  • 6 Social committee.
  • 7 Governance committee.

TMBA establishes 1 community:

  • 1 elimi (Elegant Leader in Machinery Industry)


  • to Facilitate the Development of Taiwan Machine Tool Industry
  • Governmental Assignments
  • to Assist in Developing Overseas Market
  • Industry Statistics and Market Research
  • Members Communications
  • to Organize the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)

Words from the Chairman

In recent years, the changes of global economy and the trend of zero carbon emission policies of various countries have challenged the machine tool and accessory industry in terms of business operation, technology development, talent cultivation, and overseas sales expansion. It is expected that Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) will become a platform for industry communication and exchange, and that the machine tool industry white paper on will be the driving direction, with digital transformation and green energy conservation as the main axes, to jointly enhance the overall competitiveness and added value of the industry value chain, so that the machine tool & accessory industry chain will become a model industry for both digitalization and sustainable development.

TMBA will focus on eight major tasks in the future:

  1. Listen to the needs of member companies, constructing a sustainable value-creating smart manufacturing platform, guiding member companies to gradually upgrade from digitalization and digital optimization to digital transformation, and assisting member companies to innovate business service models to expand business opportunities in the machine tool and accessory industry.
  2. Keep strengthening cooperation with the public sector and R&D entities to bring in external resources and promote the popularization of industry standards to help our member companies improve their competitiveness and add value to their products, and implement corporate sustainability (ESG).
  3. As a bridge between the industry and the public sector, we voice for the industry and assist the public sector in promoting policies.
  4. We work with industry, government, academia, and R&D entities to deepen the domestic education system and systematically cultivate multi-disciplinary professionals at all levels of education and training.
  5. Promote exchanges with international associations and cross-industry organizations, linking cross-regional, cross-industry and cross-sectoral resources to enhance the awareness and international visibility of the association.
  6. Accelerate the construction of large international exhibition hall in central Taiwan and actively lead member companies to expand overseas sales, while integrating digital media marketing to enhance the exposure of member companies' brands and strengthen TMBA's brand image.
  7. Establish a resilient and agile work team, shape consensus, work in cooperation, promote the work of the association, and deepen the energy of serving member companies.
  8. Continue to promote TMBA's permanent office project to build a sense of belonging and cohesion among member companies and the association.

The 6th Chairman Patrick P. Chen