Imports of Taiwan Machine Tool in 2021

Release date : 03.08.2022

According to the data provided by Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, analyzed by Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), the cumulative import value of Taiwan machine tool in 2021 was US$971 million, representing a 42.6% increase from 2020. Among them, the import value of metal cutting machine tool was US$862 million in 2021, an increase of 47.3% compared to 2020. The import value of metal forming machine tool was nearly US$110 million, 
an increase of 14.1% compared to 2020. If compared to the previous month, the import value of machine tool in December 2021 declined 19% compared to November 2021, with the imports of metal cutting machine tool declined by 18.2% and the imports of metal forming machine tool decreased by 26%.

Analyzed by the machine type, the first place in the import of metal cutting machine tool is electric, laser and ultrasonic tools, with an import value of nearly US$425 million, accounting for 43.8% of the total import value, and a significant increase of 51% compared with 2020. The second largest import is lathe, with US$148 million, accounting for 15.2% of total imports, and 78.2% growth compared to 2020. The main importing countries are Japan, China (including Hong Kong) and Thailand, please refer to Table 11 for detailed statistics.


Major Import Markets for Machine Tools
Analyzed by the importing country (region), the top ten countries (regions) for Taiwan's machine tool imports in 2021 are: Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Korea, Italy, the United States, and Israel, in order. Taiwan's imports of machine tool from Japan accounted for 52% of the total imports, amounting to US$505 million, up 54.7% compared to 2020. Japan and China (including Hong Kong) mainly imported electric discharge, laser, and ultrasonic tools, while Germany mainly imported planing, inserting, drawing, sawing, and gear cutting tools. For detailed statistics, please refer to Table 12.